Title: My Third Parents
Author: Fernando Kuehnel
Pages: 197
ISBN: 978-1490449135
Price: $19.99
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My Third Parents
By: Fernando Kuehnel

Reviewed by Mary Jeneverre Schultz

Abandonment, lack of self-esteem and rejection would make any book feel like it would never have a happy ending.

Filipino author Fernando Kuehnel goes beyond expectations and overcomes the obstacle of being an abandoned orphan in the Philippines in his book, My Third Parents. After many years of staying at an orphanage in Manila, Philippines, Fernando and his two younger brothers were selected to immigrate to the United States and join a family in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

My Third Parents: Orphanage to an American Dream is the compelling story of one man’s journey to find what truly matters in life. Fernando Kuehnel went from a deprived boyhood in an orphanage, spending time on the streets of Manila searching the trash for food and scrap metal, to a new life in the United States, adopted (along with his two brothers) by an American couple.

A large portion of the book describes his life in the orphanage, with vivid early memories of abandonment and life as a street kid. The dream of moving to the United States then begins to manifest for Fernando and his younger brothers.

Culture shock, language barriers, and lack of communication between cultures prevented Kuehnel from bonding with his first set of adoptive parents in the United States. Adjustment to an all-Caucasian school was difficult as the Kuehnel brothers attempted to fit in and enjoy their teenage years in America.

Rejection came as a shock again when their first set of adoptive parents claimed they did not want Kuehnel and his brothers anymore after three years. The boys then moved to another home. The feeling of rejection fueled Kuehnel to move beyond high school and aspire toward college – success and forward progress were his only options. He shared his ambition of becoming a doctor so he could show his first set of parents that he could be somebody.

This is a haunting autobiography and a story of inspiration for all who think it is hopeless to move beyond one’s current situation. Kuehnel proved he could do it, and found a better place in life with grace and determination.

Fernando Kuehnel

Connect with Kuehnel on Facebook through his charity. He has returned to the Philippines to help the youth in the orphanage that he once left behind.

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