A lot of people around the world want to travel to Southeast Asia at one time or another, and Singapore may be one of the most fascinating places in the region to visit. Technically an independent republic, it’s basically a small island at the southern tip of Malaysia. It’s about 220 miles southeast of Kuala Lumpur, and sits on the Singapore Strait near the islands of Indonesia. And its unique geographical situation has made it an interesting multicultural destination, known both for its importance in financial industries and its numerous tourist attractions.

It’s truly an awesome place for a getaway, not least because of some of the following sights and things to do.

Wander Through The Botanic Gardens

If you search for things to do in most popular cities around the world, you’ll find something or other about the local botanic gardens. They’re often singled out as peaceful spots to enjoy a variety of plants, and they generally serve as nice respites from the busier atmospheres of the cities. But in Singapore this isn’t just an obligatory stop on popular tourist lists. These botanic gardens are an attraction unto themselves, filled with interesting attractions, home to their own restaurants, and even used for a festival from time to time. It’s truly a treat to wander through, and you can easily spend a whole day there.

Get Lost On Orchard Road

This is the heart of Singapore in some respects, in that it’s the central hub for shopping, eating out, etc. Typically crowded with people and twinkling with bright lights, it houses literally dozens of malls, countless eateries, and as many shopping venues as you could possibly want. It may not be your favorite place to visit on the island, but it’s worth checking out, and if you let yourself get lost you may end up somewhere pretty neat.

Play The Tables At Marina Bay Sands

Physical casinos are drifting away into the past in much of the world. In the U.S., while Las Vegas remains a hub, casino gaming is largely illegal. In much of Europe, it’s become increasingly easy to find popular slot titles online, not to mention there are innumerable electronic poker tournaments. But there are some vacation destinations that still pride themselves on casino resort offerings, and Singapore is one of them. Marina Bay Sands Resort is one of the most impressive casino venues in the world, known for its unique architectural layout, but also home to three floors’ worth of slots and table games. It’s a great time out even if you’re not usually into these games (and rest assured you can enjoy them without spending too much).

Check Out The Roof At Marina Bay Sands

The casino may be the biggest attraction, but Marina Bay Sands is also a humongous resort, and it happens to be topped by one of the coolest rooftop bars and infinity pools on planet Earth. Elite Traveler counted it as one of the 10 best infinity pools in the world, and that’s truly saying something when you look at some of the other options. But it’s hard to beat drifting along in a pool that looks as if it spills right over into the towering city in Singapore.

Hang Out At Sentosa

It’s hard to define this attraction, but it’s basically an island within the island, and it doubles as a resort and a gigantic amusement park. There actually is a Universal Studios park on Sentosa, full of all kinds of rides and attractions that your whole family will be able to enjoy. There’s also a waterpark and an aquarium on Sentosa, as well as a few different beaches you can relax on. It’s really got everything you need for a day’s worth (or really several days’ worth) of entertainment.