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In October 2015, Dr. Yumi Jeong and her husband JK started Envision Eye Care to provide a different kind of eye care services to people living in culturally diverse Aurora and its neighboring areas (e.g., Denver, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Englewood and Parker).

Envision Eye Care offers caring, efficient and affordable luxury in a beautifully modern office so that more people can come and take preventative eye care steps. The guiding philosophy at Envision Eye Care is that everyone has the right to better health, vision and style.

As an optometrist, Dr. Jeong feels passionate about providing not just eye care, but the best eye care “experience.” Her focus is all about offering the best patient experience from the moment the patient calls in for an appointment to the completion of the visit. In this process, Dr. Jeong aims to enhance the patient’s vision, health and style.

Dr. Jeong grew up in Colorado; then lived in many different parts of the U.S. and the world.

In 2013, she returned to Colorado to live close to the rest of her family members – and worked as part of a large group practice in the Medical Center of Aurora until she decided to start her own practice, Envision Eye Care in 2015. She earned her undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology from Boston University and graduated with honors from the Illinois College of Optometry.

For more than ten years, she has served as a primary optometrist for several independent, regional and national eye care providers. She is currently a member of the American Optometric Association and Colorado Optometric Association.

Living in Aurora, Dr. Jeong loves cooking and traveling with her family, including her two sons, Brandon and Sam. She is also an active member of a local church.

Envision Eyecare

Q&A with Dr. Jeong

AAm: How would your patients describe you?
Dr. Jeong: Calm, professional and friendly.

AAm: What is your favorite eyeglass brand?
Dr. Jeong: MYKITA. They are German, well made and well designed. When it comes to glasses, they need to look good and be comfortable at the same time. The functionality of the glasses is very important. MYKITA’s glasses are sturdy, yet very lightweight, and they fit comfortably on your face. I actually wear MYKITA sunglasses myself.

AAm: What do you think is the biggest difficulty for Asian patients?
Dr. Jeong: I think language barrier is a big factor when it comes to any medical practice. Medical terminology is not something that is understood by everyone so when the doctor tries to explain things to the patient, some things are just lost in translation and the patient leaves not fully understanding their condition.

For example, I have a lot of Korean speaking patients who received an eye exam elsewhere but they come in to me to get a second opinion. In that sense, knowing the language and being able to explain things is very important because you want to be able to educate them about their condition, and you want to make sure they understand how to treat their condition. Many of my older Korean patients feel more comfortable visiting me because I can communicate to them in Korean. They often treat me like their granddaughter, [she says smiling].

AAm: Why is it important to offer Asian fit glasses?
Dr. Jeong: Asians tend to have wider faces and a lower nose bridge. We offer special Asian fit glasses to cater to Asian faces. Some of my Korean patients go all the way to LA to get special Asian fit glasses, but we offer a wide selection here at Envision Eye Care so they don’t have to travel so far. A lot more of the mainstream brands are coming up with the Asian fit glasses as well.

AAm: Why do you want to serve the Asian community?
Dr. Jeong: I really didn’t think about this before moving to Colorado. But when I moved here, I noticed that there was a need for my services. I think that if I’m able to serve the community and make it better, then I’m happy to fulfill that need.

AAm: Why should patients choose Envision Eye Care?
Dr. Jeong: I hope that when they come here and by the time they walk out the door, they feel like [Envision Eye Care] is different than other places that they’ve been to. When I take my kids to any kind of doctor, I want to make sure the doctor is competent, caring and thorough enough to take care of my kids well. That’s what I’m looking for, and I feel like I can provide that for my patients.

AAm: In your opinion, what’s the best thing about living in Colorado?
Dr. Jeong: I love the weather here. Especially in the winter, we’ll have a lot of snow, but it melts so quickly, [she says laughing].