Guest Editorial by Colorado Heights University

The United States is a popular destination for students from around the globe, and Denver is a great place for international students to get an “American Experience” along with a quality education. Traveling across the globe to a new and unusual place can be an overwhelming experience, so here are some tips to help with studying in the USA.

1.       Choose a school that offers strong international support 

Deanna_English_teaching_WEBColorado has several schools that offer degrees in every field. But not every school will offer the support that international students need. Make sure that the school you choose not only offers a quality education, but also helps students adjust to life in America. Many large schools have bigger international populations, but don’t have the personal support that students need.

2.       Apply early to avoid any visa problems

Many students wait too long before completing their application and gaining acceptance. Embassies and consulates deal with many visa requests and it can take weeks to schedule an interview. And, if your visa isn’t approved on the first try, it could take even longer to get permission to enter the USA. Last-second travel is expensive and can end up costing $100s or $1,000’s of extra dollars. Plan ahead!

3.       Don’t be shy! Ask questions

International students frequently feel overwhelmed by a new school, new people and a new country. It’s common for students to feel uncomfortable asking for help. It is important to know that you are not alone. American culture is very open and people are always ready to help. Don’t be afraid to ask school administrators, teachers and other students for assistance.

4.       Culture shock is normal… embrace it

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming. Transportation is different, food is different, people are different. But isn’t that why you wanted to study in the USA? This is an adventure that will be the most memorable time in your life. Make friends with Americans, enjoy American restaurants and participate in American events.

5.       Be Yourself

Americans have a very open culture and you will find many people who openly express their personalities and points of view with the way they dress, the way they talk, even with the decorations on their car! Don’t be afraid to express yourself and share your personality.

Bowling_group_WEB6.       Participate in school activities

Get involved with campus clubs and attend school activities. The Student Life department at a university frequently schedules activities for on and off-campus events. These are not only a great way to embrace American culture, but is also an easy way to make new friends.

7.       Practice English outside of class

It’s a great idea to use English as much as possible, even when you aren’t in the classroom. Especially for students who are in America to learn English, but also for those earning a degree, using English in everyday life is a great way to accelerate your growth. Besides, with students from so many countries, English is one thing you all have in common!

At CHU, we offer English as a Second Language, a BA in International Business and an MBA in International Business. Our beautiful, historic campus was built in 1891, one of the oldest in Colorado. With students from over 50 countries and over 75% of campus population from outside the USA, we are home to Colorado’s most diverse campus. If you have questions about helping someone you know with finding a good school (even if it isn’t CHU), please give us a call at 303.937.4225. Our staff is dedicated to helping all students find the best school to fit their needs.