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Denver has landed on the top of many lists for being one of the best cities for singles. In honor of the city we love, we celebrate our Fifth Annual Asian-American Singles Issue by highlighting ten young men and women in the Mile-High City! Whether they enjoy hiking and jogging or eating out on the town, these bachelors and bachelorettes show what fun it is to be single in Denver. More than a bustling nightlife and dynamic bar scene, Denver has scenic parks, gorgeous mountains, and a myriad of adventures to enjoy outdoors.

Emily Hosoya, 26
Japanese/Vietnamese | Web Designer
Describes herself as: Exuberant, vivacious, artistic.
Her greatest accomplishment: Living (surviving!) in New York City for two years – I moved without knowing anyone and got my dream job at the time – an international trade reporter. I leveraged my Colorado State University alumni connections and got lucky meeting someone who opened the door for me.
Her perfect date: Bonding over a good meal. I love music and dancing as well.
Qualities that attract her: I am attracted to someone who is a good listener, someone who is spiritual, and someone who has an appreciation for art and culture.
What no one realizes about her: I am more inclined to chill out than go out.
Greatest influence on her growing up: My parents instilled a strong work ethic and the value of being fiercely independent. Growing up in Fort Collins, I didn’t have many in-person role models for Asian-American professional women, so seeing my mom struggle with her career path motivated me to be successful in my work.
Favorite food: I love pho and paella.
Quote she lives by: “Wherever you go, there you are.”

Kevin Lam, 23
Taiwanese | Kitchen Manager
Describes himself as: A gamer, passionate, curious.
His greatest accomplishment: I created my own game design company with 25 employees. I always said I would do it, and I did!
What no one realizes about him: Although I put on a tough face and can seem abrasive to other people, I am actually very caring. My closest friends know that I would drop everything and rush to their side if they needed anything. In the words of my Oakland roots, I am a “ride or die.”
Favorite food: It’s a close tie between two things: one is the quintessential pho because my father spent a lot of time in Vietnam and has given me his love for pho; the second is scallion pancakes, especially the ones that are made from a specific stall in Danshui, Taiwan.
In his free time: Meditating, reading, taking online courses to increase my knowledge, playing video games, and hanging out with friends.
Quote he lives by: “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin

MeenaMeena Julapalli, 35
Indian| Pediatric Dermatologist
Describes herself as: Joyful, compassionate, optimistic.
Her greatest accomplishment: Caring for children… in my family, at the hospital, in the community, around the world. It is my life’s mission. One of the things I’m most proud of is fighting to bring a young boy back from Nicaragua to the U.S. for life-saving cancer treatment. Three years later, he’s thriving!
Favorite food: Strawberry rhubarb pie. I. Can’t. Resist.
Her perfect date: One in which conversation is easy and not forced and even the silences are comfortable no matter what we’re doing, whether it’s going to dinner, a movie, a concert, a theme park, a football game, or on a hike.
What no one realizes about her: That I’m always willing to try something new and in so doing, have discovered lots of hidden talents, ranging anywhere from singing, dancing, playing instruments, painting, cooking…making entertaining YouTube videos…
Can’t live without: Music. It’s in my soul.
Quote she lives by: “Your life is a song to the world. Make it one people can dance to.” – Kid President