Seoul3311 W. 104th Ave. Northglenn, CO 80234 | Tel: 303-280-3888
Hours: 7 days a week | 11am to 9pm

By Annie Guo, Asian Avenue magazine

What is there not to love about Korean BBQ? Hot and cold banchan side dishes, tasty meats cooked to your liking, spicy tofu soup, steamed egg casserole, pan-fried egg and leek pancake with sips of soju on the side. This filling spread comes with the Combination A at Seoul Korean BBQ & Sushi 2 and is enough to serve three people.

But this combination only gives a small glimpse of what is offered at the restaurant. The endless menu includes cold noodles, rice dishes, stir-fried dishes, soups and stews and even Japanese entrees including a nice selection of sushi rolls. Yes, you can get Japanese at the Korean restaurant!

Opened on December 5, 2012, Seoul Korean BBQ & Sushi 2 is the sister restaurant to its original in Aurora, Colo; Seoul was awared Asian Avenue magazine’s Best Korean Restaurant of 2012. Seoul 2 caters to many eaters in the Boulder and Northglenn area and is conveniently located right off the highway.

Seoul 2 is also known for its lunch specials which begin at $5.95. The lunch menu includes chicken teriyaki bowls, katsu cutlets, chicken curry bowls, tempura udon and more! Seoul in Aurora will also begin serving the lunch bowls in January. Typically the restaurant provides six to eight side dishes for lunch and 15 for dinner. The beautiful banchan array includes several different types of kimchi, cucumber, pickled daikon radish, potatoes, bean sprouts, egg custard, tiny dried fish and many more!

For groups, it is popular to order the combination menus which can serve anywhere from two to five people. The combination includes the leek appetizer, a thin and crispy pancake bright green with tender leeks. The Soon-Tofu is a spicy tofu stew served boiling hot in a clay pot.

Korean food is exciting and interactive. You get a little bit of everything and the fun part is you cook your own meat on a gas grill in the center of the table. The barbecue is served with shredded scallions in a chili dressing, steamed rice, toasted sesame oil and chili sauce with big green leaf lettuce leaves for wrapping. The crisp leaves and scallions balances the juiciness of the meat.

While soju is the drink of choice, Seoul 2 also has quite a beer selection, hot sake, rice wine, plum wine and a list of Yellow Tail wines. It is hard to imagine what could be a more perfect meal that what Seoul 2 has to offer.



Combo Tuekim (deep-fried shrimps) $12.95
Seafood Pancake $14.95

Barbecue On Your Table
Bulgogi $18.95
Thin slices of beef marinated w/special sauce

Sam-gyup-sal $17.95
Thin slices of pork belly without marination, served with salt and sesame oil sauce
Galbi Jumulluck $24.95
Boneless beef short ribs marinated w/special sauce

Seoul Tower $14.95
Tower of sushi rice, avocado, crabmeat, toobiko, masago and tuna or salmon with eel sauce, spicy mayo and srirach sauce

Pink Lady Roll $9.95
Deep fried calamari and spicy crabmeat with eel sauce on top