By Josh Austin – Student, Granada High School


On September 20, three Amache students and myself had the great opportunity to give a tour of Camp Amache and its museum to the Governor of Colorado and part of his staff. Governor Hickenlooper stated that the museum was “eye-opening and spectacular.”

He also commented on our knowledge of the history and was impressed that the Amache Preservation Society is an all-student organization. We met the governor at the Granada Town Hall.

Not knowing what to expect, feelings of apprehension were in the air. Surprisingly, the governor was relaxed and somewhat laid back as if he were on a mini-vacation. He asked a lot of questions on the short bus ride to Amache about our small town, our agriculture, and our school.

He showed his surprise that our school only has 207 students K-12 with raised eyebrows and exclaimed, “That’s a new one!”

We gave the tour of Amache as if we were giving it to a close friend. I especially remember Tanner Grasmick telling the story of Governor Roy Romer playing Holly High School football against the Amache team and losing on the last play of the game. The governor and his staff exclaimed that we really brought the history to life, and that he could tell that we cared a lot about our program.
At the end of the tour, the staff reminded us of the time constraints that they had as we whisked them to the Amache museum.

We showed him around the museum and I told the story of the 442nd and the 100th infantry regiment, the most decorated unit during WWII. The regiments were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor last year, which we have on display in the museum.

The governor’s visit was warm and very informative for both parties involved. We learned a little bit of the personal side of the governor and what his job entails while he learned much about Granada/Amache history.

We invited him back at anytime, which he said he would take into consideration when planning his future events because he does want to come back.

He told us students before leaving that, “You guys are very well informed and I can tell that you really care about this program and the
care of the grounds.”

“Thank you, and I appreciate you taking time out of your Homecoming to give me and my staff a tour.”

We would like to thank the Governor and his staff for taking time from their schedule to visit middle of nowhere Granada. It is truly
rewarding when people walk away with that much gratitude and appreciation.