Colorado Chinese Language School is a non-profit organization. It was first founded in 1974 by a group of educators and parents. It is the Chinese language school with the longest history in Colorado.

One of the goals of the school is to introduce Chinese language in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Chinese culture, Chinese history, etiquette, and community service are also emphasized. The school has helped thousands of adults and children in Chinese language and culture learning over the years.

In addition to language classes, CCLS also has a variety of extracurricular classes for those who are interested. The classes include Chinese folk dance, Chinese crafts, Chinese yo-yo, Chinese kung-fu, and Tai Chi taught by highly qualified teachers.

The language classes are organized in two groups: Mandarin speaking and non-Mandarin speaking. Within each group, students are further divided into classes based on their age and language proficiency. In order to better serve students in the 21st century, CCLS provides ongoing teacher trainings with the most recent technology and the best practice presented by professionals.

The principal, Mr. Pen-Yuan Liaw once pointed out in one of the board meetings, “We always want to provide a safe and inviting learning environment for all students, and we want them to learn in a fun way.”

“That’s why we do everything we can to train our teachers and to retain them. In our school, students not only learn Chinese language, but are also introduced to Chinese culture, history, and philosophy, so they learn to appreciate and respect each other and have the concept of community service.”

“My kids love to go to Colorado Chinese Language School so much, so the most severe punishment for them not behaving is to ban them from going to the school on Sunday,” one of the CCLS parents shared her experience.

Colorado Chinese Language School meets on Sunday afternoons. The school uses Thomas Jefferson High School’s facilities, located on I-25 and Hampden. The first day of school for 2011-2012 will be August 21.

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