555 S. Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80219 | Tel: 303-922-2378 | twainn.com

Sun-Thurs: 11am – 9:30pm
Fri-Sat: 11am – 10pm

By: Anhhai Peter Bui, Asian Avenue magazine

T-Wa Inn is one of the first Vietnamese restaurants in Denver, paving the way for many Asian dining establishments in the shopping centers around the Federal Boulevard area. Located on the corner of Federal and West Cluster Place, T-Wa Inn has been serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine since 1984. With its unassuming name, a passerby—including myself—might not even notice T-Wa Inn is a restaurant, let alone one that serves excellent food. But that is what makes it a diamond in the rough.

Living in Colorado my whole life I had previously never eaten at T-Wa Inn. When we arrived for the restaurant peek, our meal consisted of two appetizers and three main dishes. The fried egg rolls accompanied by fresh vegetables and rice noodles were excellent and so were the made to order spring rolls that contained grilled meat unlike the usual steamed versions. Next was a classic bowl of pho dac biet. The broth was deep and robust, the noodles cooked perfectly, and the meats were tender but the most notable ingredient was the bo vien (sliced meat balls). Made specially with a family recipe and shipped in fresh from California, the bo vien had exceptional taste and texture. I was able to try one of the restaurant’s newer dishes, the beef barbecued short ribs rice platter. Fresh steamed rice and vegetables accompanied Korean cut short ribs marinated with a Vietnamese twist. Along side those main courses was the very flavorful grilled chicken plate. Presented similarly to the short ribs plate, the dish served up a quarter piece of chicken grilled and sauced. By the end of my stay I was definitely feeling full and satisfied.

T-Wa Inn offers affordable and healthy portions of food with great specials during lunch hours. The restaurant also has a full bar and a friendly staff, and is a great spot to bring the family. I am glad I finally stopped in to enjoy one of Denver’s longest standing Vietnamese eateries—and get a taste of the authenticity and homemade recipes.

Popular Menu Items
Pho Combination Bowl $7.95
Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp or vegetarian served with fresh bean sprouts, basil, lime and jalapenos.

Specialty Noodle Bowl $9.95
Beef, shrimp and chicken served on top of vermicelli noodles and side of fish sauce.

Soft Shell Crab $14.95
Marinated soft-shell crab dipped in a light batter and deep fried to golden perfection served with signature house sauce.

Specialty Rice Platter $9.95
Marinated shrimp, chicken, pork, beef short rib and eggroll complemented by fresh white rice and lemongrass.

Beef Barbecue Short Ribs $8.95
Beef, shrimp and chicken served on top of vermicelli noodles and side of fish sauce.