Rated Fresh Clothing
670 S. Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80219
Tel: 720.985.0722 | www.ratedfreshclothing.com
Mon to Sat: 10am – 6pm

On August 8, 2008, a lucky day for Hieu Pham, the doors opened to a new business and a lifelong dream. Growing up, he had always hoped to produce his own clothing line. Now at the age of 29, Pham not only designs clothing, he creates graphic artwork and manages his own business, Rated Fresh Clothing.

“Rated Fresh is an urban yet sophisticated clothing line with aspirations to show the world it is not a brand only for Christians but a brand for everyone to wear in style while passing positive messages.”

When Pham first began his business, he visited Vietnam to observe the quality of clothing and utilize Vietnamese apparel for his designs. Now he focuses mainly on t-shirts with embroidery on clothes made in the U.S.

When he was younger, his creativity stemmed from drawing knights, warriors, and soldiers. He began learning graphic design and applications from his brother, who currently works in web design.

Pham designed a logo that symbolizes God’s word is protected by a shield and sword. The ace of spade in the Rated Fresh logo represents the best card in the deck and “the best clothing line out there.”

Rated Fresh focuses on presenting “fresh” and clean work—doing things right the first time.

Its motto, “Clothing for the Righteous” refers to spreading the Gospel and promoting positivity through fashion. Pham, who is Christian, says he does not force religion upon anyone, but he aims to create positive clothes.

“I see a lot of negative and wrong clothing that the younger generations are wearing and I want to promote positivity and life,” said Pham. “The youth are important and sometimes don’t realize how a bad environment can influence their life.”

“When people wear my clothes, they say that they feel good.”

Pham acknowledges he had a difficult past and going back to church has helped. He wants to apply his experience to his line and often puts powerful scriptures on the clothes. He said, “I’m trying to make a difference through my clothing.”

When he first launched the line, he promoted through fashion shows and rap concerts. Overtime he’s shifted his focus towards supporting charities and non-profit organizations. Although he feels his business is in a good place, he still wants to take it further, and do more beyond t-shirts and clothing.

According to the Rated Fresh web site, “We work passionately to incorporate artistic designs along with commendable publications into high quality clothing for both men and woman.”

“Rated Fresh will continue to humbly strive and grow bringing you the most righteous styles of clothing for years to come.”