Hmong Culture Night: Acculturation of the Hmong-American Identity
By Joshua Vang

The Hmong Student Association of Colorado (HSAC) is a group of students actively promoting the Hmong culture and pursuit of higher education. On HSAC’s Hmong Culture Night, it is no different. But instead of a booth and fliers, HSAC dazzled an evening with cultural performances, instrument presentation, and education on the culture. The Glenn Miller Ballroom of the University of Colorado at Boulder was fashioned with a catwalk that supported HSAC’s skit and fashion show. They also provided food to accompany the audience’s appetite for knowledge. HSAC’s guest speaker provided an insight to the female identity in hmong culture.
The night was topped off with two special performers; Michael Lor aka B-boy Mpact and Steven Lor aka B-boy Villn. Inspirational speakers and well-known break dancers, Micheal and Steven travel the world spreading their message to follow your dreams. Congratulations to the Hmong Student Association of Colorado for providing such a great event. For more information about the Hmong Student Association of Colorado, visit or e-mail at