In order to provide more Chinese cultural exposure opportunities for children in Denver metropolitan areas, Fo Guan Shan of the Denver Buddhist Culture Society (DBCS) Chinese School hosted the 2011 Chinese Culture Summer Camp with help from Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission (OCAC), Taiwan, from July 5 to 9.

Each summer, OCAC sponsors specialized teachers from Taiwan to teach at the local Chinese School Summer Camps in different cities within the U.S. Ms. Teresa Li (Li, Peifen), a Chinese folk dance teacher and Mr. Bryan Chao (Chao, Yi-Wei), a Chinese yo-yo teacher for this camp were teachers in Denver. In addition to folk dance and Chinese yo-yo, the 5-day camp also packed with other fun cultural activities, such as, Chinese calligraphy, art and crafts, and Chinese lullaby. It really offered an eye opening experience for everyone who attended the camp.

It was a truly amazing experience to see kids from very little Chinese background to become enthusiastic players of folk dances and Chinese yo-yo within merely five days. They learned lion dance and Dun Huang Fei Tien dance (or known as thousand-hand Guan Yin), played big flags, drum sticks and iron fans, and learned the many tricks of Chinese yo-yo. From not knowing how to hold a Chinese paint brush (mao-bi) to being able to write with it, all in all, the children enjoyed the camp with great achievement in learning Chinese art and culture activities.