The Hmong American Association of Colorado’s (HMAAC) 7th annual Culture and Community Resource Fair was held on June 25 and 26. Over 400 people from around the state enjoyed the two-day fair full of festive activities for all ages. The fundraising event was once again held at Shaw Heights Middle School in Westminster, Colo. The event provided a central location for people around the Denver metro area to gather and watch sports tournaments that included basketball, volleyball, flag football, and top spinning or tub lub, a traditional Hmong sport. Not even the hot Colorado sun blasting from high above could slow down the athletes “battling” each other on the green fields and concrete courts. Little children snaked through the crowd to get red, white and blue colored snow cones to cool themselves. Vendors lined both sides of the running track and offered a large selection of merchandise including music cds, movie dvds, colorful traditional Hmong clothes and embroidery. Strolling to one end of the event allowed people to taste Southeast Asian cuisine, both warm and spicy with sticky rice. Families were able to picnic on the grass while watching various sports tournaments. The festival was a great way for families to spend time together, enjoy a variety of foods, and experience Hmong culture.